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A perfect snowboarding game that will keep you busy for hours. Grab your snowboard now and let’s the party begin!

How to Play?

Simply press the screen while going down the hill to gain the speed and release your finger when going uphill or you will lose your speed. Sounds too easy? Not even close! Give it a try and see how far you can go.

Enjoy this amazing features:

- 35 challenging levels
– In air tricks for additional points
– Collect as many $ as you can for additional points
– Different horror characters to choose from (scary red devil, mummy, witch, zombie and Dracula)
– Power Boosts that will help you fly very high through the challenging levels
– Level skips for those who are not skilled enough and can’t go through all that challenging levels

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Ratings & Reviews

This fantastic game will help you to spend your free time getting fun! Outstanding musical accompaniment and great design will help you to relax and get positive emotions.


Really cool snowboarding game with awesome horror characters :) I love to play it because keeps me entertained and relaxed. Music is excellent, good choice!

by Nena Malecic

I love this game. :)

by Sanja410

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